Shampoo and Style - $40 (1 hour)
   The service consists of two shampoo and conditioner, then we proceed to blow dry and style

Cut and Style - $30 (30 mins)
   Dry Cut, Consultation haircut by scissors or razor and style

Virgin Relaxer - $80
   For clients with natural (virgin) hair. The hair will be relaxed from the hair closest to the scalp to the ends using a relaxer system best for the client's hair condition and texture; Shampooed, Conditioned, trim and Styled. Relaxers: Affirm, Mizani, Design Essential*.

Relaxer Touch Up - $65 (90 mins)
   Only the client's new growth will be relaxed. This service includes shampoo,conditioner , trim and styling. The relaxer that is best for the client's hair condition and texture will be used. Relaxers: Design Essentials, Affirm, Mizani

Permanent base color - $30 (60 mins)
   Application of color on the new growth

Permanent Color and glosser - $50 (60 min)
   This is an all over application of color and glossers are applied to the hair for shine and to intensify desired pigment

Full foil Highlighter - $75 (90 mins)
   This procedure adds lighter strands of hair all over the head

Silk Wrap - $55 (1 hour)
   Hair will be shampooed, conditioned, and styled. This service leaves the hair silky smooth, flowing with a lot of swing. This is the perfect service for clients that like to wear their hair straight or with little curl. *Priced according to length and thickness of client's hair.

Natural Silk Press - $65 (90 mins)
   For natural/virgin hair clients. Hair will be shampooed, conditioned, and silked/pressed according to the client's desired style. Hair will be left weightless, free flowing with body and bounce. *Priced according to thickness and length of client's hair.